Hello peeps! After completing my boards, I’m on a movie watching spree. After February, it’s very normal for a movie buff to collect the DVD’s of the Oscar winning/nominated films. Yes, I’ve got my collection.

The first movie on my collection is, “Room”. It is a very touching film which has its plot surrounding the life of a Mother (Ma) and his beautiful Son.

For an average movie goer, “Room” doesn’t go too well and seems to be lagging unless he/she goes well into the frames in which the film is crafted upon. He/she also needs to delve upon the nitty-gritty’ of the film.

Overall, the movie is worth every penny for its brilliant direction and acting which deservedly got its lead actor (female) – Brie Larson the most coveted prize in cinema, “The Academy Award”!
Not to miss upon the fact that more than half of the film was taken in a single, scarcely lit room with only a couple of square feet of space allowing sunlight all day.

Story Overview:

Joy (Brie Larson), is kidnapped by a stranger (Sean Bridgers) when she is just 17 years old and is put into a room which can be accessed only by means of a security code. She spent 7 years inside that room, without any sign of the outer world. During which she gave birth to her wonderful son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay).

Jack never got the chance to see the outer world or to breathe fresh air. All he had inside the room is a bath tub, TV, bed, sink and some kitchen utensils. After Jack turns 6, Ma has had enough of all the tortures she had to endure. She plans to get out of the Room, once for all.

Upon breaking free from its confines, they experience a dramatic homecoming; provoking insight into the depths of imagination and the extent of a mother’s love.


Director – Lenny Abrahamson
Writer – Emma Donoghue
Cinematography – Danny Cohen
Music – Stephen Rennicks


Brie Larson – as Ma
Jacob Tremblay – Jack
Sean Bridgers – Old Nick (Stranger)

IMDB RATING – 8.3/10
MY RATING     – 8.5/10

*With insights from http://www.imdb.com


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